TheraCoat, 400 grams
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TheraCoat, 400 grams

Product Code: TC

The solution for overall well-being

  • Results include hair re-growth, skin healing and regeneration, plus reduced skin and coat dryness
  • Excellent for problem skin and creates coats that are fuller and shinier
  • Granular form that the pet owner sprinkles over the pet's food on a daily basis 
  • Each container lasts about 7 weeks when given to a 30 pound pet
  • For Dogs, Cats, Puppies and Kittens
  • NEW USA Sourced Ingredients; Product color and granules may vary

Retail TheraCoat® and you will find that your clients come back to replenish their supply for the life span of their pet, and they will be sending their friends to you. After only 30 days of daily use, the effects of TheraCoat will begin to become apparent with dramatic results occurring in 60 days. Results include hair re-growth with enhanced coat luster, skin healing and regeneration, reduced skin and coat dryness, and improved elasticity and suppleness. Other reported benefits are the reduction or elimination of tear stains on new hair growth and reduced ear discharge and irritation. TheraCoat use also improves overall health and is especially beneficial for older pets with limited mobility. Best of all, TheraCoat is so easy to use. Simply sprinkle the granules over pet food on a daily basis. Since it is made from natural soy proteins, the flavor blends well with foods and pets enjoy it. TheraCoat is available in a 16-oz., 454 gram container and should last approximately three months when given to a 30-pound pet. Case comes with 12 brochures.

Visit a website we established to educate pet owners about TheraCoat and to send customers your way.

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Bonnie Rubin From United States Pennsylvania
Great product!!!
February 4, 2021
I have been using TheraCoat for several years. My golden retrievers and border collie mix have not had any hot spots or skin problems during that time. I highly recommend this product for any breed. Great product for skin and coat!!!
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Rebecca From Oregon, WI
fantastic results
August 2, 2020
I sold some of this product to a client that came in with a farm dog that had skin and coat issues. The next time she came in, I could hardly believe it was the same dog. The skin issues were gone, the coat was restored, and the dog was much brighter in the eye. It was hard to believe the dog still lived outdoors, as it did not look like a farm dog at all anymore!
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