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Simply Pure Natural Pet Products™! Five unique varieties made with ultra purified water for a naturally pure bathing experience. The purest possible pet bathing experience begins with natural ingredients. And there is no more elemental ingredient than the ultra purified water created through reverse osmosis that serves as the foundation of the Simply Pure shampoos. The impurity-free water is combined with a synergistic blend of health enhancing natural ingredients. Olive Oil is an antioxident, Macadamia Oil is rich in vitamins and Jojoba Oil promotes healing. Simply Pure shampoos are all soap-free and may be used in conjunction with spot-on flea and tick applications. Environmentally friendly. For dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. 

The name of this line is changing from Simply Pure to Pure Planet. As we make more of a certain product and size, the label will change to Pure Planet. The product itself and the sku numbers are exactly the same, it is only a minor name change. You won't even notice the difference!