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Davis ProPet Washer

Best designed Pet Washer on the Market

The Davis ProPet Washer™ gives you the tools to provide a quicker more effective bath. The unique quick-connect nozzle attachment creates one of the strongest water flows available to clean deep into the coat and skin. Constructed of durable stainless steel, you can connect up to four bottles of shampoo or conditioner at a time. 

CLICK HERE to see a video of the ProPet Washer in use

Printable ProPet Washer Tips and Dilution Ratios

Other features include:

  • A bathe and rinse cycle
  • 13 metering tips to set individual dilution rates - saves time and helps reduce product waste
  • Large diameter plastic tubes to prevent blockage or pinched hoses
  • Spray hose with a locking latch for continuous water flow and ease of use
  • Easy to set up - You can do it yourself!

The Davis ProPet Washer™ eliminates the need to pre-dilute products, simply insert the included plastic tubes into your shampoo or conditioner. Works off of your existing water pressure.  Model # PROPW.V

Operational Requirements 
Pressure: 30 PSI minimum - 100 PSI maximum
Temperature: 40 F minimum  - 120 F maximum
Flow Rate: 5 GPM minimum - 40 GPM maximum

Shampoo pictured is sold separately

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Customer reviews

  • The Best Shampooing System

    Posted by Dannelle Buckelew on 03/28/2018


  • Buh Bye recirculating system

    Posted by Linda Medero on 02/14/2019


    After looking at several, I decided on the Davis ProPet Washing System. Here's why:
    1) You don't have to hook up to any electric. It operates using only water pressure that runs through the machine.
    2) You can hook up 4 bottles so you can switch from specialty shampoos or conditioners with a flip of the switch.
    3) You can accurately dilute shampoos and conditioners with interchangeable filters so you don't waste product. This is a bigger deal than you can imagine as there are quite a few products I use that have different dilution rates. Having just some variable dial of mixing "less to more" product doesn't tell me much (or worse yet, NO flexibility in dilution rates).
    4) Customer service from the company is awesome.
    5) You don't need to put a pump in a tub with sufficient pre mixed shampoo with water giving you more room in the tub
    6) You hang the whole gizmo up with two screws into the wall. Another wire shelf is provided to place 4 gallon bottles of product near the machine.
    The Cons to this machine are:
    1) You do have to have sufficient water pressure for it to work. As someone with a well and old, rinky-dink pump and holding tank, it works just fine. But the specifics of what you need are on the product page so you can check before you buy.
    2) The nozzle they send with the machine for my shelties was too big and awkward to get under their bellies to wash easily in my small tub. You can opt for a smaller nozzle that they can send instead which is the same size as a typical garden hose trigger nozzle, but I've found even they can be too big. So I simply swapped out my small nozzle from my recirculating system.
    3) The hoses they send are super duper heavy duty. Which for the one that hooks up to the faucet that's fine, but to use the same stiff hose for attaching the nozzle... again... awkward with a small dog in a small tub. I substituted 5 ft of flexzilla hose and between that and the tiny nozzle, I, Goldilocks, think that it is now, juuuussst right!

  • Best Bathing System!

    Posted by Dylan Clipp on 10/16/2019


    Amazing bathing system, best on the market! We absolutely love it, its incredibly versatile! We don't have the best water pressure at our location and it doesn't phase this system at all. Our dogs get squeaky clean and the fact that you can customize the dilution ratios helps us save on shampoo. The sprayer that comes with the machine does take some getting used to, but now that I've used it and got the hang of it, I can't imagine using a different nozzle.