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Degrease Shampoo, 16 oz

Cleans coats of oil, grease and dirt. Three sizes available!

A highly concentrated, superior cleansing agent, our Degrease Shampoo is the fast and easy way to clean greasy ears, oily-coated breeds, extra dirty pets, coats stained with motor oil and grease and pets plagued with oily seborrhea and stud tail. A soft paste when cool and a thick ivory liquid when warm, Degrease Shampoo performs well both ways and leaves coats shiny. A must to have on hand for those cocker ears. Pleasant citrus fragrance.  Choose 16 oz jar, 64 oz jar or five gallon bucket.  Ready to use formula.

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Customer reviews

  • Davis Degrease Shampoo is Awesome!!!

    Posted by Amber Wood on 05/20/2014


    I Love this Product! I tried a lot of degreasers shampoo's, and they didn't work that good. The DAVIS DEGREASE SHAMPOO WORKS!!! You only use a tiny bit, and it go's a long way. It cuts thru Cocker's greasy ears! I use it on outside dogs that only get a bath, once or twice a year. Cuts down all the grim and grease fast!
    This is the only Degrease Shampoo that I will only use!!! Thanks Davis for a great product!!!!!!!!

  • Fantastic

    Posted by Sue McInally on 07/02/2014

    As a dog groomer I get many dogs with greasy ears such as English Cocker Spaniels and the degreaser works very well on their ears. It is a fantastic product, it is so easy to use, works well and is well priced. Thanks again for a great product.

    Sue McInally, Defur Dog Grooming UK

  • Best Ever!

    Posted by Kristina Halloran on 05/04/2015


    This product is by far and away the best degreaser out there. A little dab goes a long way and you can feel it working while you're applying it. It has a very pleasant orange fragrance and is very effective without over drying the skin/coat. Since it is in a jar though, you want to take care not to let too much water or hair from your hand get in there. LOVE THIS STUFF!