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EarMed Boracetic Flush, 12 oz

Helps alleviate ear conditions

Help eliminate ear conditions associated with bacteria, yeast and fungi with EarMed Boracetic¬ Flush. Our synergistic formulation of boric acid and acetic acid can help provide relief for animals experiencing ear inflammation and pain, discharge, pruritus and head shaking. It is also effective for flushing oily or crusty ears.

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Customer reviews

  • Great Ear Flush

    Posted by Angela Lullo on 05/14/2014


    I love how this is a treat all product for multiple ear conditions. I keep a bottle by my tubs and whenever I am washing a dog that has icky ears they get a flush. Cleans great!

  • Great for dog with Ear Issues

    Posted by Kasey Parks on 05/29/2014


    Not only am I a Groomer, but we also breed and show Rhodesian Ridgebacks. This is a great product for dog with floppy ears. It keeps the yeast at bay! I recommend it for any breed.

  • Works great

    Posted by Betty Brinson on 09/06/2014


    This product has exceeded my expectations. I use it on most of my groom dogs with icky or inflamed ears, and it does a fantastic job of de-funking and de-gunking them. I initially ordered a 12 ounce bottle to try. I am ordering a gallon. Very pleased with this product.