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Grubby Green Dog Shampoo, Gallon - OFF COLOR SALE

OOPS discount, while supplies last!

OOPS Sale! While supplies last, we have product that is OFF-COLOR. Instead of the usual Grubby Blue, the last batch turned out Grubby Green. Our mistake is your savings! Everything else is the same and it is a pretty seafoam green, just not the blue you know and love. This is only in the Gallon size; the retail 12 oz size is still label-coordinated blue. 

Davis Grubby Dog Shampoo is the natural choice when faced with bathing dirty, grimy pets. The rich, deep cleansing lather penetrates the coat to loosen dirt, caked-on mud, grease and filth. Enriched with jojoba, macadamia and olive oils, use this non-drying formula on any pet that needs a bit of make-over magic. Davis Grubby Dog Shampoo rinses quickly and cleanly to produce a manageable, shiny coat. 50:1 concentration

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