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Reusable Potty Pads

The best accident protection money can buy

Newspaper, disposable pads and any old towel can be used for housebreaking protection. But none of those can touch the absorbency of Perfect Pet Potty Pads- they hold up to five times their weight! Because they're reusable- simply toss in the washer and dryer to clean- they are environmentally superior as well. Perfect Pet Potty Pads are an essential in the home or office where housebreaking puppies, pets are left along all day and older, incontinent dogs are present. Beyond the obvious use of lining crates and kennels, the Potty Pads can also protect the floor under a cat's litter box and keep hair off car seats, furniture and beds. Each pack contains two 24" x 24" pads. BONUS! Includes 2 oz Go Here to help entice pets to "Go Here" on the potty pads. 

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