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Blades -  $7.45 each for qty 1-5

$6.45 each for qty 6-22

$5.65 each for qty 23 or more 


Adjustable Blades - $12.95 each

Livestock Blades - $7.10 each

Extremely Rusted Blade Surcharge - $2.55 each

Beveled Shears - $7.95

Convex/ Honed Shears - $18.95

Shark Fin Shears - $25.00


Our mission at Davis is to provide the highest quality sharpening coupled with the shortest turnaround possible.
How do we achieve this?

At Davis we use the most technologically advanced sharpening equipment available. We use the Shop Inc. Blade Sharpening System. Our blade sharpening machine is fully automated. This machine allows us to put the perfect hollow grind on each blade. When a machine does the sharpening it removes the possibility for human error. Without human error every blade is sharpened the exact same every time. With the precision and consistency of our automated machine we can guarantee your blades will be sharper longer every time.

Our Shear sharpening equipment is the best in the industry as well. We incorporate Wolff Industries’s “Twice as Sharp®” and “Ookami Gold®” for beveled and semi-convex shears. Also from Wolff we use the “Corru-Gator” for corrugated shears and the “Hira-Tu®” flat hone for convex shears. These four machines together allow us to sharpen any shear to your specifications.


Even the most advanced equipment can be misused by the wrong individual. This does not hold true for Davis. Our sharpener has been through rigorous training programs at Wolff Industries with some of the industry’s best sharpeners. Being trained by Manufacturers as well as individuals who use the equipment daily has given our sharpener a wealth of knowledge and tools to draw from.

With our customers always in mind, Davis also offers FREE inbound shipping on all shears and blades sent in for sharpening. That’s right, just click here, print, and securely attach the Business Reply Label to your packaged clipper blades and shears. You may either hand the package directly to your post man or drop it by your local post office and all inbound shipping charges are on us. No more weighing packages and trying to figure out postage rates. Always remember to include a note with your address and phone number when mailing in items for sharpening and to make packaging your items easier and more secure, be sure to take a look at our Sharpening Service Box. Davis charges a flat $8.50 return shipping fee to send your items back to you, but inbound shipping is always FREE! 

For more information on Sharpening Services and the form to include with your items, click here.


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