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Listen to what some of our clients have to say about Davis TheraCoat.

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To Meredith Thomas, D.V.M.:

"My dog Sierra was diagnosed exactly one year ago with a dermatology medical condition known as "Pemphigus" in which pustules-pus filled sores break out of the skin. In the case of my dog, the pads of all four of her paws had pustules on them and the pustules were breaking as she walked and pus was oozing out of them. My dog had tremendous difficulty walking and as a result, I took her to see a veterinary dermatologist at Tufts Veterinary Emergency Treatment & Specialists who diagnosed her with the medical condition of "Pemphigus". To treat the medical condition of "Pemphigus", the dermatologist recommended TheraCoat to me. He happened to have a free sample for me to try. Within days of giving TheraCoat to my dog Sierra, the pustules on the pads of all four of her paws cleared-up beautifully. I was extremely pleased with how well TheraCoat worked for my dog. Exactly after one year of giving TheraCoat to my dog Sierra the pads of all four of her paws are continue to look simply amazing and her fur is so beautiful that it shines. The thing that I like the best about TheraCoat is that is so easy to give to my dog. I simply take one tablespoon of moist dog food and mix the dosage of TheraCoat together and spoon feed it to my dog. I tell you it is like giving candy to a child. My dog absolutely loves it! She never gives me a problem taking TheraCoat unlike some other medications that she has to take which is nice because she will have to be on TheraCoat for the rest of her life. So if your dog has been diagnosed with the medical condition known as "Pemphigus" I would highly recommend TheraCoat to anyone. In addition, I would highly recommend that you order TheraCoat from Dr. Meredith Thomas who is absolutely wonderful in processing your order and getting to you ASAP. She is simply fantastic!"
Wanda B. Monroe, TheraCoat Customer

"TheraCoat actually works! My wonderful cattledog unfortunately developed seizures about 4 years ago and I've noticed that in the last few years that she has been on phenobarbital, that her coat was changing colors, her hair became brittle - breaking in half and her skin was getting 'crunchy'. Her vet checked her out and determined that she did not have mange. Her thyroid was checked - all normal. As a last resort he tried her on prednisone- no help either (not to mention the bad side effects that she had). Her sister did not develop any of these coat symptoms. The owner of our kennel suggested TheraCoat. We tried it for about 5 weeks and noticed that her hair was becoming thicker - new growth! Her skin seemed much more normal and the hair was less brittle. I've noticed some new 'crunchy' spots on her skin ( dermatitis? ) so I decided to try the shampoo too. As an aside, her older sister also takes the Theracoat and I've noticed that she seems less 'stiff ' in her movements. I'll let you know how they're doing! Thanks for carrying these awesome products!"
Linda, TheraCoat Customer 

"Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the courtesy and attention to detail provided by your staff. Every time I place an order, I am greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable person who makes me feel as if my order, no matter how small, is important. Orders are shipped quickly, and are always received in a timely fashion. I look forward to many more years of doing business with your company."
Barbara Pendergrass, Magic Grooming

"In the fall of 2005, I attended a large Regional Specialty. I had entered my Open Dog who needed one major to finish. He blew coat (completely) a few weeks before the show and I thought about pulling him, but decided heck, I've paid the entries, I'm going anyway so I might as well show him. I went with a friend who reps for a dog food company. Her boss was also attending the show and when we walked in to set up, she introduced me to him, we had dogs in tow at that point. The next day, I was walking into the ring with my dog and my friend's boss asked her "whose dog is your friend handling?" She replied " That's her dog, you met him yesterday, but she groomed him and fluffed him out this morning." Her boss was shocked, can't quote verbatim but he said something to the effect of "THAT gorgeous dog is the naked dog I saw yesterday???" BTW, my dog, in all his naked Fluff-Out glory, won a huge Open class and ended up going Reserve to an in-coat Bred By exhibit that day. The dog is a nice dog no doubt, but I give 100% credit to that RWD at a Specialty to Fluff-Out!."
Anita Rosenberger, Anikar Siberians

"I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with Davis. You truly have the most exceptional customer service. The Fluff-Out is amazing and we can"t believe we"ve been grooming without the Mat-Out . The Quick-Dry works so well that we have been taking in two extra dogs a day. Thank you for the quality of both the products and the service."
Lia Whitmore, The Gentle Groomer

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you do at making your customers feel like they are your most important customers. You should take great pride in the job you are doing because you do it so well."
Terri Curry, Classic Clips

"I won the Best Groomed Dog Division B in HH Backer"s Celebration of Style, October of 2006. This was my first grooming competition, but I have been showing my Airedale Terriers in conformation for years and the ONLY product I use for finishing and holding the coat is Fluff-Out. Thank you for such a wonderful product!"
Marjorie Green, Mentor TLC Pet Lodge

"I had a full coated Shih Tzu come in with it"s chest matted and with some matting on the legs. I told my customer we would try to save the hair. We bathed the dog and used Davis Mat-Out on it. When I got back to the table, we were able to just comb the mats out without causing any discomfort to the dog!"
Terri Curry, Classic Clips

"Just a quick note to let you know I LOVE "Grubby Dog" Shampoo. I washed a heavy coated filthy GSD in one sudsing and then a full coated "white" Labradoodle. I could not believe how beautiful their coats were when they were dried. The doodles coats combed effortlessly. Additionally, the "white" dog actually came out perfectly white!
Thanks for all of your great superior products.." 
Rosemary Pauley Harris, Goin' to GG's

 To Cynthia Kennedy, Davis Sales Representative:

"Cynthia, I didn't realize how fortuitous a day it was when you walked into my shop. You told me about this product, but until I tried it, I could not believe it would work as well as you said it does. The Shampoo/Quick dry, and fluff out spray is AMAZING! Today was the first day to use it. WOW what a difference, not only in drying time but coat texture. The matted Bichon brushed out with no tedious de matting. Our bather, a guy, does not pay attention to coat like our groomer does, and even he saw the difference as he force air dried the dogs. Our drying time was cut in half. I can't wait to try it out on the Standard Poodles in full coats that come in each Thursday. My grooming shop has a huge Poodles, Doodles, Bichon, and fluffy coated breed clientele. Their discriminating owners will surely see the difference! I do not ever want to be with out this product again. I would recommend it to any groomer for pet or show dogs.Thank you for dropping in to introduce yourself and your product line. Your new best friend :-)"
Sharon Lucas, All Pro Grooming

 "Davis grooming products were loved, used and highly recommended in my grooming shop for more than 20 years. I've always had great results and excellent customer service with Davis. I'm also pleased with the fact their products are manufactured in the USA and so close to home! They are safe and effective for cats which is quite a bonus. My favorites are the Davis degreaser which works great for stud tail and Sphynks cats. (I also use it for my horses). I bred and exhibited Silver Persians for 14 years and could not have been successful without it. I'm a huge fan of the Color Enhancing shampoo, Luxury Shampoo & Volumnizer, too for my personal needs, but there is a Davis product for every grooming need. My motto has been if you haven't tried Davis products yet, it's time you did!"

Pamela R. Martin, Castle Paws Designs