The product "Hairball Aid - Net Wt. 3.3 Oz." is in the cart.
Hairball Aid - Net Wt. 3.3 Oz.
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Hairball Aid - Net Wt. 3.3 Oz.

Product Code: HBA3.3

Digestive support for cats

  • Helps eliminate and prevent hairballs
  • Eases hairballs through digestive tract
  • Less discomfort for cats
  • For cats 6 months of age or older


Davis Hairball Aid is an intestinal lubricant which helps to prevent hairballs from forming and eases hairballs through a cat's digestive tract. Cats are notorious for their grooming habits, which can result in a dense mat or hairball forming in the stomach. When this occurs it causes the cat to vomit or cough up the hairball which is an unpleasant experience for both the cat and owner. Use Davis Hairball Aid along with regular brushing to help support the normal elimination of troublesome hairballs. 



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