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Mat-Out, Gallon
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Mat-Out, Gallon

Product Code: MOG

Detangle and remove mats with ease

  • Revolutionary technology neutralizes negatively charged ions that cause hair to form mats
  • Helps prevent mats when used as a leave-on conditioner 
  • Use on a wet or dry coat
  • For dogs, cats and horses 

Reach for Mat-Out, not scissors, to remove the biggest, toughest mats. Though it will seem like magic when combs and brushes glide right through, the reason is quite scientific: Mat-Out's revolutionary detangling agent neutralizes the negatively charged ions that cause tangled hair to form mats. Its conditioners also reduce static and keep coats looking healthy so it's ideal for use as a leave-on conditioner. Remember to save your spray bottle so you can refill it from the more economical gallon. For dogs, cats and horses.

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