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Studio Color - Depositing Shampoo BLUSH 16 oz.
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Studio Color - Depositing Shampoo BLUSH 16 oz.

Product Code: SC.DS.BL16

Unleash your Artistic Flair!

  • Washes out gradually with multiple baths
  • Sulfate-free formula ensures a gentle, yet effective bath
  • Ideal for all skill levels to add full-bodied color or playful splashes on pom-poms, legs and tails
  • Color varies depending on coat color, type an duration shampoo is left on coat
  • For dogs, cats and horse; with herbal fragrance
  • Ready to use

Unleash your artistic flair with Davis Studio Color Shampoo, the ultimate color depositing shampoo.  Our sulfate-free formula produces temporary color on the coat that washes out with multiple baths.  Its ease of application makes it an ideal choice for any skill level to add full-bodied color or splashes of excitement on pom-poms, legs and tails.   Gentle cleansers produce a manageable coat while turning ordinary baths into a visual celebration of style and individuality.  Strut your stuff with Davis Studio Color Shampoo, great for use on dogs, cats, horses and more.


Wet coat thoroughly with warm water. Apply a generous amount of shampoo to desired area, then lather. Do not get shampoo into eyes. Work shampoo into the coat and lather well to make sure fur is fully and evenly saturated.  Allow shampoo to be absorbed for 10 to 30 minutes then rinse with warm water.  If more vibrant results are desired, repeat bath.  Bath can be repeated on the same day or in a separate grooming session.

Color results vary and work best on white and very light-colored hair.  Davis Studio Color Shampoo usually washes out in 2 – 5 baths and can differ based on coat texture.


Use gloves to avoid color staining and protect nearby surfaces.



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