Room Freshener, 14 oz
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Room Freshener, 14 oz

Product Code: RF.LV14

Neutralizes odors in the air and on fabric

  • Special technology 'reconfigures' malodors so unpleasant smells are not recognized
  • Remains effective over an extended period of time
  • Use anywhere foul odors exist
  • Leaves a calming lavender and creamy vanilla scent 

Reach for Davis Room Freshener to quickly eliminate foul odors in your environment and replace them with an appealing soft scent. Unlike other air and fabric fresheners that may temporarily mask odors only to have them reappear later, this exciting technology combines with a malodor in such a way that is it no longer recognized as unpleasant. Davis’ special technology “reconfigures” malodors and saves your nose from stinky smells. Strong odors caused by pet urine, feces, foul doggy odor and unpleasant smells that build up in grooming shops and veterinary clinics are not a challenge. Use anywhere foul odors exist- in bathrooms, cars, kitchens, pet bedding, drapes and upholstered furniture. Davis Room Freshener remains effective over an extended period of time. Davis pressurizes with air instead of harmful VOC’s. The can will dispense at any angle, even upside down. 

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